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Graphic Design

Associate of Applied Science Degree

NOTE: This program is in moratorium and will not be accepting new students.

As a Graphic Design student, you’ll be using the industry standard software to discover tips and techniques for creating digital images, illustrations, and layouts. In addition, you’ll be addressing fundamental concepts in brainstorming, color, typography, and composition.

Graduates are prepared to:

  • Create appropriate typographic solutions for a variety of applications and situations.
  • Decide the correct medium (printed materials, packages, manufacturing and fabrication techniques, environments, websites, kiosks, or virtual environments) based on use and overall intended effect on the viewer.
  • Utilize aesthetics (principles of organization, composition, color, hierarchy, balance, contrast, emphasis, depth, rhythm, use of symbolism, and overall level of craft in execution) to create an emotional impact.
  • Maintain a structured approach to creative process development (research, observation, analysis, prototyping, testing, and evaluation) while remaining flexible and adapting to changing circumstances and parameters and giving rigorous and unfailing attention to detail.
  • Work with diverse teams (clients, audiences, content providers, researchers, and administrative personnel) in an intense collaborative environment.
  • Persuade clients, creative directors, sponsors, and colleagues to go along with a plan, and deliver the results of the plan on time.
  • Ask precise questions, convert research into design strategy, and successfully evaluate and discuss their own design efforts and the efforts of others.

Estimated Resident Program Cost*

Tuition and Fees $6,380
Application Fee $30
Lab Fees $55
Books/Supplies $1,959
Total $8,424

Many students need preliminary math and writing courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement before planning out their full program schedules.

GFC MSU Additional Graduation Requirement

COLS 103Becoming a Successful Student +1
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ARTZ 105 Visual Language-Drawing + 3
BGEN 105 Introduction to Business + 3
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office + 3
GDSN 101 Design Topics & Principles *,+ 3
WRIT 122 Intro to Business Writing **,+ 3
ARTZ 101 Art Fundamentals + 3
BMKT 240 Advertising *,+ 3
COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communc + 3
GDSN 130 Typography + 3
MART 231 Interactive Web I *,+ 4
Second Year
BMKT 225 Marketing *,+ 3
GDSN 248 Digital Illustration II *,+ 3
GDSN 249 Digital Imaging II *,+ 3
MART 232 Interactive Web II *,+ 3
M 108 **,+ 4
GDSN 200 Intro to Desktop Publishing *,+ 3
GDSN 221 Publishing and Pre-Press *,+ 3
ITS 299 Capstone:Internship *,+ 3
PHOT 154 Exploring Digital Photography *,+ 4
Elective Option 3
 Total Credits63

Suggested Electives

CAPP 158MS Access *,+3
MART 233Interactive Web III *,+3