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Media Arts (MART)

MART 094 PCE Non-Credit MART Course

CEUs: 0-6

Term: (Based on sufficient demand)

Non-credit professional and continuing education (PCE) courses offered to provide condensed coursework to meet the needs of working students and professionals. These courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and are transcribed on the student's continuing education transcript.

MART 231 Interactive Web I

Credits: 4

Term: (Currently not offered)

This course focuses on the skills and concepts necessary to create effective web pages that include links, graphics, sound, tables, forms, and style sheets using common editors. It also stresses the effective use of search engine optimization, Section 508 compliance, buying a domain name and acquiring a hosting server. Various utilities, such as FTP and graphics editing software, will also be examined and utilized.

MART 232 Interactive Web II

Credits: 3

Term: (Currently not offered)

Prerequisite: GDSN 130 and MART 231, or consent of instructor

This course continues to utilize the skills developed in MART 231 to build Web pages, concentrating on high profile, advanced applications to develop students’ skill sets. Students will plan, design, and develop a client web and mobile site. The course includes a thorough examination and implementation of Adobe Dreamweaver.

MART 233 Interactive Web III

Credits: 3

Term: (Currently not offered)

Prerequisite: MART 231

Among Web page builders and programmers there is a necessity to build pages that include programming to allow interaction between the visitor and the site as well as connectivity to databases that serve the client and site owner. This class will explore, examine, and evaluate currently used programming languages that allow Web interactivity and connectivity.