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Early Childhood Education UM-Western AAS

This program of study is designed for students planning to apply to the UM Western – Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education

Students may begin pursuit of a baccalaureate degree from UM-Western by following the plan of study below. By completing the plan of study, students can be dually enrolled into UM-Western’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education program.

THE INFORMATION ON TRANSFER PROGRAMS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Students should contact Dr. Julie Bullard, ECE Program Director, at UM-Western for potential changes: 406.683.7809,

Estimated Resident Program Cost*

Estimated costs are for the Great Falls College portion of this plan of study. Please contact the partnering school for information on the estimated cost of classes there.

Tuition and Fees $6,835
Application Fee $30
Lab Fees $35
Books/Supplies $1,091
Total $7,991

Program Course Requirements

Many students need preliminary math and writing courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement before planning out their full program schedules.

I. General Education Courses - 19 credits

Foundations of Language - 6 Credits (3 credits written, 3 credits verbal)

WRIT 101College Writing I **,+3
COMX 115Intro to Interpersonal Communc +3

Mathematics - 4 Credits

Select one of the following:
M 151Precalculus **,+4
M 161Survey of Calculus **,+4
M 171Calculus I **,+4
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics **,+4

Behavioral/Social Sciences - 6 Credits

ANTY 101Anthro & the Human Experience +3
ECNS 201Principles of Microeconomics +3
ECNS 202Principles of Macroeconomics +3
PSCI 210Intro to American Government +3
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology +3
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology +3

Introduction to Computers - 3 credits

CAPP 131Basic MS Office +3
OR a satisfactory Computer Skills test score.

II. Early Childhood Core Courses - 9 Credits

Safety, Health and/or Nutrition - 3 Credits

HTH 201Health Issues for Educators +3

Cultural Course  - 3 Credits

Select one of the following:
HSTA 101American History I ((N)) +3
HSTA 102American History II ((N)) +3
HSTR 101Western Civilization I +3
HSTR 102Western Civilization II +3
NASX 204Intro to NA Beliefs & Philsphy ((N)) +3
NASX 232MT Ind Cltrs/Hstry/Iss (=332) ((N)) +3
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology +3

Humanities/Creative Arts - 3 Credits

Select one of the following:
ARTH 160Global Visual Culture +3
CRWR 240Intro Creative Writing Wrkshp +3
MUSI 103Fundamntls of Musical Creation +3
PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy +3

III. Professional Electives - 7-14 Credits

In consultation with UM Western’s Early Childhood advisor.

Courses numbered 194 will not be applied to the concentration area, and no more than 5 credits from 194 will be applied toward the degree.


Outline for completion of Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood with UM Western

IV. Early Childhood Core Courses - 27 Credits

EDEC 108Introduction to EC Education1
EDEC 109Introduction to EC Education1
EDEC 210Meeting the Needs of Families2
EDEC 211Mtng the Needs of Families Lab1
EDEC 220Crting Envrnmnt for Lrnng, EC2
EDEC 221Crtng Envrnmnt Lrnng, EC Lab1
EDEC 230Positive Child Guidance2
EDEC 231Positive Child Guidance Lab1
EDEC 247Child and Adolescent Dvlpmnt3
EDEC 248Child and Adolesc Dvlpmnt Lab1
EDEC 265Ldrshp & Professnlsm in EC Ed2
EDEC 266Ldrshp & Profess in EC Ed Lab1
EDEC 281EC Curr Dsgn & Implemnt I2
EDEC 282EC Curr Dsgn & Implemnt I Lab1
EDEC 283EC Curr Dsgn & Implemnt II2
EDEC 284EC Curr Dsgn & Implemnt II Lab1
EDEC 345Creative Curr & Dvlpmnt for Y. Child3
Total Credits27