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NRSG 256 Pathophysiology

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: Must have completed the first semester of RN program with C or higher: BIOH 211, NRSG 230, NRSG 231, NRSG 232 and NRSG 233

This course introduces the student to the basic principles and processes of pathophysiology including cellular communication, genes and genetic disease, forms of cellular injury, nutrition, fluid and electrolyte/acid base balance, immunity, stress coping and illness, and tumor biology. Pathophysiology of the most common alterations according to body systems will be discussed as well as the latest developments in research and patient-centered nursing interventions.

Registered Nurse LPN to RN

...clinical experience. Students are encouraged to take NRSG 256, BIOM 250 and SOCI 101 prior...