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NRSG 266 Managing Client Care

Credits: 4

Term: (Su)

Prerequisite: Completion of first semester of the Registered Nurse program

This course covers topics related to integrated nursing care of individual clients and groups of clients, as well as basic principles related to supervision of nursing practice and management of resources. Topics include: role differentiation among care providers, organization and prioritization, delegation supervision and appropriate practice/practice settings, management of the needs of individual and groups of clients, and management of health care resources. Additionally, the course helps the student integrate didactic content from all other nursing courses and will help the student in his/her transition from the student role to the role of the Registered Nurse. Students will examine legal/ethical issues in nursing, values clarification, conflict resolution and consensus building, and effective communication techniques in the employment setting. NCLEX-RN preparation and process are also included as a component of the course. The preceptor-based clinical component allows the student to function in the role of a registered nurse while working one-on-one with a designated RN preceptor.