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Mission Statement


Where it all begins.


The vision of Great Falls College MSU is to strengthen communities through excellence, innovation, and collaboration.


The mission of Great Falls College MSU is to educate and inspire you.


  • GFC MSU values Accountability – The college ensures decisions are data-informed and grounded in the best interest of students and their communities.

  • GFC MSU values Integrity – The college values civic responsibility, high academic standards, ethical practices, trust and the courage to act.

  • GFC MSU values Positivity – The college maintains a “can-do” attitude, striving to show students that they can do what they have set out to do. 

  • GFC MSU values Respect – The college values differences and treats others with civility, encouraging open and honest communication.

  • GFC MSU values Responsiveness – The college recognizes and acts upon opportunities to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable to student and community needs.

  • GFC MSU values Transparency – The college is committed to participatory governance and has created an environment where academic, financial and administrative functions are conducted openly.

Core Themes

At Great Falls College MSU we live the community college experience through an open-access admissions policy, a comprehensive educational program, a focus on teaching and learning, and a philosophy of student-centeredness. We strive to attain our Mission through the Core Themes of:

  1. Workforce Development:  Prepare students to meet current and emerging workforce needs.

  2. Transfer Preparation:  Prepare students to transfer to an institution of higher education.

  3. Academic Preparation:  Prepare students for success in developmental education and college-level courses.

  4. Community Development:  Cultivate productive relationships through Lifelong Learning and community engagement.

College Learning Outcomes

The faculty and staff of Great Falls College MSU have deemed the following College Learning Outcomes be central to the personal and professional success of all graduates: 

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Technical Literacy
  3. Engaged Citizenship
  4. Workmanship
  5. Critical Thinking

Core Indicators of Institutional Effectiveness

Great Falls College MSU (GFC MSU) is committed to continuous improvement, the evaluation of institutional effectiveness, and the assessment of student learning. This commitment is reflected through an assortment of activities and processes emanating from the College's mission, vision, values, core themes, and strategic plan. 

As we strive to become more performance-based in the allocation of resources and create a mission-centric model to document our effectiveness, GFC MSU has established a set of measures to guide our processes. These measures, known as core indicators of institutional effectiveness1, support our everyday operations and assist us as we seek continuous improvement towards mission fulfillment.

GFC MSU’s core indicators of institutional effectiveness2 stem from the Montana Board of Regents' system measures of effectiveness, federal accountability law and policy, and the College’s Mission and Core Themes. The core indicators of institutional effectiveness are summarized in the following:

  • Core Indicator 1.1: Workforce Program Enrollment

  • Core Indicator 1.2.1: Workforce Program Retention

  • Core Indicator 1.2.2: Workforce Program Degrees and Graduates

  • Core Indicator 1.2.3: Graduate Employment

  • Core Indicator 1.3.1: Customized Training Enrollment

  • Core Indicator 1.3.2: Customized Training Demand

  • Core Indicator 2.1.1: Transfer Enrollment

  • Core Indicator 2.1.2: Transfer Retention

  • Core Indicator 2.1.3: Number of Transfer Graduates

  • Core Indicator 2.2.1: Student Transfer

  • Core Indicator 3.1 Success in Developmental Coursework

  • Core Indicator 4.1: Enrollment

  • Core Indicator 4.2: Resources Donated to College