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Common Course Numbering

The Montana University System has moved to common numbering for all undergraduate courses for public colleges and universities in Montana to assist with the transferability of courses among the State's institutions of higher education.

What this means:

  • Most current Great Falls College MSU subject abbreviations and numbers have or will change as implementation moves forward. The link below will list the subject areas and specific courses by year of implementation. The second link is to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education for all courses in the Montana University System.
  • All public colleges and universities in Montana will use the same subject abbreviations (the letter codes that indicate the course subject), numbers, and title for courses taught on more than one campus.
  • If students transfer to another campus in the Montana University System, any common course numbered classes also taught at the new campus will automatically transfer as equivalent. All other courses will continue to transfer at the discretion of the Registrar’s Office and the faculty at the receiving institution.
  • Many familiar titles will change.
  • Some courses will change level (e.g., from the 100-level to the 200 level). Course content is not affected by this process.
  • During the transition period, which is likely to last several years, the Catalog will be updated yearly to reflect the changes.