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New Student Orientation

All new students attending classes on campus will be required to attend a class titled Essential Start. Students will have several class days to choose from and will attend the one-day-only class prior to the start of the term. Additional information about the Essential Start class will be given to students during their scheduled appointment with their academic advisor. This is a class that each student will register for in their first semester. During this class, students will discuss what it takes to be successful at Great Falls College MSU; meet with IT Services to create a single login and password for all systems on campus; meet with eLearning to learn how to navigate the learning management system called D2L/Brightspace; and will meet with Financial Aid Services to complete Entrance Counseling and understand what it means to be a “smart borrower.” This class is free of charge and is offered on campus and online for student convenience.

Student Identification Card

Each student should obtain a nontransferable identification card. The identification card may be necessary when purchasing books, cashing checks in the bookstore, to access labs on campus, and using the library. This ID can be obtained in Student Central. Students can replace a lost identification card in Student Central for $3.