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Minor Children on Campus Policy

Great Falls College MSU strives to create an excellent learning environment for all students and a safe campus for everyone. Therefore, minor children must be accompanied or supervised by an adult when on campus or in college facilities.

Minors, unless otherwise exempt as listed below, must be supervised by an adult in classrooms, labs, the library, public spaces, or other college facilities, including while a student is in class or an employee is working. Minor children may not attend class or class activities, such as field trips, along with enrolled students except on very rare occasions at the discretion of instructors. Minor children may not be present at the employee's work site during the employee’s assigned work hours. In emergency situations, if it is necessary for an employee to bring a child to the workplace during working hours, the employee’s supervisor must approve.

 This policy does not preclude short visits when the minor child is accompanied by another responsible adult.

Students and employees may be asked to remove a minor child being disruptive, even when supervised.


  • Activities and events organized specifically for minor children
  • Dual enrollment students
  • Minors under the age of 18 enrolled in a Career & College Readiness Center program

Great Falls College MSU Policy on Minor Children on Campus