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Mission Statement


Great Falls College MSU provides high quality educational experiences supporting student success and meeting the needs of our community. 

College Learning Outcomes

The faculty and staff of Great Falls College MSU have deemed the following College Learning Outcomes be central to the personal and professional success of all graduates: 

Critical Thinking

Definition: Critical thinking is a habit of mind characterized by the comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, artifacts, data, and events before accepting or formulating a conclusion.

Outcome: Students will think critically by evaluating information analytically, using ideas and data in creative and innovative ways.


Definition: Communication is the effective, active expression and exchange of ideas through listening, speaking, reading, writing, or other modes of verbal or non-verbal or artistic expression.  

Outcome: Students will communicate effectively, expressing ideas and information in the mode most appropriate to the audience and situation. 


Definition: Professionalism is the ability to demonstrate appropriate work-ethic behaviors through personal conduct and effective teamwork.

Outcome: Students will demonstrate professionalism in and out of the classroom, meeting current organizational or industry standards for conduct, appearance, and teamwork.