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Course Descriptions

This section includes a brief description of each course offered on a regular basis by Great Falls College MSU.

Each listing includes a course number, course title, number of credits awarded, prerequisites, corequisites, terms the course is offered, and course descriptions. The following letters are used to specify the term each course is offered:

  • F - Fall Semester
  • S - Spring Semester
  • Su - Summer Term

Please Note: Courses scheduled for any term may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

While the terms each course is offered are shown, students should consult the Schedule of Classes each term before they register, in order to find the most up-to-date information on course offerings. Courses offered on “Sufficient Demand” are indicated as such in the course descriptions.


Course Modalities

Great Falls College offers courses and programs in a variety of format. Click here for more information.


A corequisite is a control measure for enrollment in a particular course, group of courses, or a program. A corequisite course must be taken at the same time as another course or series of courses. Some corequisite courses are linked by content, and other times courses are designated as corequisites to keep a cohort of students together. See specific program handbooks for the application of this tool in specific programs.


A prerequisite is a course or placement score that is required before a student is eligible for the next process or course.  Many courses have prerequisites that are another course or a score on a placement test.  A passing grade of D or higher is required.  Some courses require higher than a D grade, please review course descriptions for specific grade requirements. Many programs have groups of courses that are prerequisites to their application process. See each course description or program application documents for details. 

Consult the Program and Transfer sections of this catalog and/or an advisor for specific information about each course and which courses meet program or transfer requirements.


Please note that most GFC MSU courses require you to utilize advanced technology. Examples include online research, library usage, computer communication, electronic submission of assignments, online quizzes, etc.