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Social Work (SW)

SW 100 Introduction to Social Welfare

Credits: 3

Term: (F)

Introduction to Social Welfare presents an overview of human services and the Social Work profession. This course is designed to educate students about programs and problems in meeting social welfare needs. There will be emphasis on the complexity of social services and their historical development. An introduction and analysis of the values, attitudes, economics and political factors that affect the provision of these services will be addressed, as well as potential solutions to social problems.

SW 200 Introduction to Social Work Practice

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: SW 100

The course provides an introduction to social work as a profession, including an examination of goals, guiding philosophy, and basic assumptions. Emphasis is on the generalist framework of social work practice and on the development of beginning analytical and practice skills: listening, relationship building, assessment, intervention, and evaluation.