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College Studies (COLS)

COLS 100 Effective Academic Practices

Credits: 2

Term: (F, S)

The course is designed to help student define their purpose in pursuing a college education; identify a career path for themselves; recognize the need to take a holistic approach to their learning; develop practical academic skills such as test taking; note taking, and managing their time; set short- and long-term academic and career goals; understand and use their own learning preferences; and identify and use college resources to improve their learning and success.

COLS 103 Becoming a Successful Student

Credits: 1

Term: (Currently not offered)

To graduate from Great Falls College MSU, every student is required to take COLS 103, Becoming a Successful Student, or meet its equivalent. The course emphasizes strategies for academic and personal success, including academic and career planning, goal setting, and academic skill development in areas such as note-taking, study skills, test-taking strategies, and time management skills. Students are expected to enroll in this class during their first semester or prior to completing 16 semester credits.