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Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

Federal and state financial aid regulations require that all financial aid recipients maintain satisfactory academic progress in their programs of study. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress will result in financial aid warning or suspension. The first time a student fails to meet the standards for GPA or completion, the student will be placed on warning status and may continue to receive financial aid. Students on financial aid suspension are not eligible to receive financial aid. Below is a brief outline of the standards to achieve satisfactory progress for financial aid recipients at Great Falls College MSU. Contact the Financial Aid Office for a complete copy of the policy.

  • Students are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (C average). Credits accepted in transfer from other colleges and institutions are not included when calculating a student’s GPA. 
  • Students must maintain a cumulative credit completion ratio of 67% or higher. This calculation is based on all attempted credits, including transfer credits.  
  • Students have a maximum time frame in which to receive financial aid, which is generally 150 percent of the number of required credits specified for each program of study.
  • Students who have been placed on financial aid suspension and bring themselves into good standing may be reinstated for the payment period following the semester in which they regained satisfactory progress status. Students must submit a written request for reinstatement.
  • Students will receive written notice when they are placed on financial aid suspension; however, it is the student’s responsibility to know if they are maintaining satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients.

Students who have been placed on financial aid suspension because of failure to meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements may appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Office for review of circumstances. Forms to appeal are available online or in the Financial Aid Office. Current federal regulations allow only for mitigating circumstances and occurrences beyond the student’s control to constitute an eligible appeal. All appeals must include documentation verifying the mitigating circumstances described in the appeal. An Academic Plan developed with and signed by the student's advisor must accompany an appeal.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for a complete satisfactory academic progress policy for financial aid recipients.