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All degree-seeking students are assigned to an advisor in the Advising & Career Center. Your academic advisor is one of the most important and helpful individuals to you during your time at Great Falls College MSU. It is important for you to work with her or him on all decisions regarding your course load and plans. You should use your advisor in the Advising & Career Center as a resource when building your academic plan and make it a point to visit your academic advisor on a regular basis.

Advisors help with:

  • Selecting courses that match your interests and skills
  • Choosing a degree program
  • Making a long-term academic plan in order to meet your goals
  • Interpreting placement test scores and transcripts from other colleges
  • Short- and long-term academic planning
  • Transfer requirements, registration procedures, and class scheduling
  • Completing an application for graduation
  • Academic concerns
  • Assisting students and making referrals to other college and community resources

Advisors also answer questions about college policies, instructor expectations, and extra-curricular activities. In addition, students are required to meet with their advisor to determine which classes best meet their academic goals. Great Falls College MSU’s advisors are a valuable resource for students who need information about college and community resources that make it easier to attend College.

Career Services

Career Services is a resource to help students and alumni acquire skills and information to secure employment. In addition, Career Services provides assistance to students looking for temporary, part-, and full-time employment in addition to internship opportunities. Career Services provides the following services:

  • Career counseling
  • Job listings on JobWire (for students, alumni, and employers)
  • Personalized assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, job searching, and exploring career choices
  • Occupational trend information
  • Major exploration

Career Services is located in the Advising & Career Center in Student Central.