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Student Registration

Registration for students is available via Banner Web/My Info on the Internet. Students will need to obtain their advising number/alternate PIN before registering for classes. Continuing students will get this number from their academic advisor. New, transfer and readmit students will receive this number when they complete their Registration Session.

  • Continuing students are defined as students who have been continuously enrolled (excluding summer) at GFC MSU.
  • New, transfer, or re-admit students must contact Student Central to speak to an Advisor before registering for their classes; this generally happens during the New Student Registration process.

Registration information and dates for new and continuing students are available on theĀ Academic Calendar.

Attendance must be confirmed at the time tuition and fee payment is made. Confirmation is a separate process from either registration or payment. Attendance can be confirmed from the payment screen in the Banner Web/My Info secure area, under Billing and Payment.

Financial aid, class schedules, term registration, billing information, and payment options are accessible through Banner Web/My Info.

Students experiencing any problems accessing or using Banner Web/MyInfo should contact Student Central at 406.268.3700.