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Transfer From Other Institutions

Transfer from Other Schools

Great Falls College MSU is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. As such, all college-level coursework from institutions accredited by the following list of agencies will be received and applied toward certificate and associate degrees as applicable to major program, general education, and elective requirements. 

Students who transfer credit from institutions not accredited by the agencies in the above list (excluding foreign institutions) will not be accepted for transfer.

International coursework (except from institutions where English is the language of instruction) may require evaluation by a foreign credential evaluation company.

Credits may be accepted as they apply to the established course requirements of Great Falls College Montana State University under the following guidelines:

  • The transferring student must initiate the request for evaluation of credit during the admission procedure by furnishing an official transcript from the transferring institution(s) and the necessary materials, including copies of the appropriate catalog descriptions or course syllabi to the Registrar's Office. In order to be evaluated for credit, transcripts must be issued directly from the list above, must be official, sealed documents, and must be sent directly to the following address:

Office of the Registrar
Great Falls College Montana State University
2100 16th Ave S
Great Falls, MT 59405

  • Students, who have taken courses multiple times, the most recent verifiable grade will used for transfer.
  • Grades less than a C- for previous coursework will not be considered for transfer credit. Coursework taken more than 5 years prior to transfer request may not be accepted. If transfer credit cannot be granted, the student has the option of challenging a course or courses through the Prior Learning policy.
  • Transfer credit will be accepted only as it applies to the student’s declared program of study.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate/degree upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements, provided 25% of the credits required in the degree-related program has been completed at Great Falls College MSU.
  • Transfer credit will be posted on the transcript for accepted transferred course work.
  • Transfer grades are not figured in the grade point average (GPA).
  • Students who wish to appeal a decision regarding acceptance of transfer credit should contact the Registrar's Office to receive information on the appeal process. Students may be asked to provide course descriptions and/or syllabi for an appeal.
  • Montana Board of Regent policies:

Transfer in Montana

For transfer to other Montana schools, a student may complete a Request for Transmittal of Application Materials form in order to have the contents of his/her admission file forwarded to the transfer school. There is an $8 fee for this service. 

Seamless OneMSU

Through Seamless OneMSU, students can take courses at MSU, MSU Billings, MSU Northern and Great Falls College MSU! Seamless OneMSU makes multi-campus course enrollment easier. By using the Seamless OneMSU students can:

  • Transfer from one school to another (migrate to a new "home" school).
  • Simultaneously attend multiple campuses by taking a course (likely online) at a "host" school while remaining enrolled at the "home" school.
  • Enroll as a Visitor at a "host" campus for a semester with the intent of returning "home" the following semester.

The process is not instantaneous or automatic. By completing the form students notify two or more schools of their intent and authorize those schools to move forward with the enrollment requests. For more information click here.

Quarter to Semester Credit Conversion

If a student has taken courses at an institution using quarter credits or units other than semester credits, Great Falls College MSU will convert the quarter credits/units to semester credits using the Great Falls College MSU Policy on Quarter to Semester Credit Conversion.

International Transcripts

Great Falls College does not perform internal translations/evaluations of international transcripts for any individuals. If a college transcript is not in English, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange and pay for translation and evaluation through one of the third-party evaluation agencies. Agencies approved for evaluation may be found here. Students must also arrange to have the official evaluation sent directly to the college from the agency. The same logic listed above in Transfer from Other Schools applies to international transcript evaluation.