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Allied Health: Medical Assisting (AHMA)

AHMA 201 Med Asst Clinical Prcdrs I

Credits: 4

Term: (S)

This course is part one of a two-part clinical course which provides an introduction to a Medical Assistant career and the duties and responsibilities within the clinical area of an ambulatory setting, including theory and practice in equipment and supplies control. Emphasis will be toward medical asepsis, preparation and maintenance of exam rooms, vital sign assessment, assisting with routine and specialty examinations, and performing respiratory testing.

AHMA 203 Med Asst Clinical Prcdrs II

Credits: 4

Term: (F)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201 and AHMA 250 with a grade of C- or higher

Corequisite: AHMA 260 and AHMA 262

This course is designed to introduce students to additional skills and practices of the allied healthcare professional assisting in a clinical setting. Units include laboratory orientation, collecting and handling laboratory specimens, hematology, physical therapy, electrocardiography, emergencies, first aid, and nutrition.

AHMA 220 Phlebotomy

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S)

Students will learn introduction to proper blood drawing, safety procedures, basic anatomy and physiology, special procedures, quality management, and legal issues involved in blood collection. The course is intended for students taking the Phlebotomy/Pre-Medical Assistant or other healthcare programs. Students will complete the required hours needed in order to sit for one of the certified phlebotomist exams, if they desire to do so. National Certificate requires an additional 100 clinical hours plus 100 sticks. (This course will not set up your clinical lab sites for hours and/or sticks.).

AHMA 250 Electronic Medical Procedures

Credits: 2

Term: (Su)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201

Prerequisite OR Corequisite: AHMS 220

This course introduces students to Electronic Medical Software for both front and back office tasks. Students will learn patient registration, scheduling, patient authorizations, creating prescriptions for provider authorization, recording injections and laboratory tests, posting patient charges, and scheduling follow-up appointment using EHR software.

AHMA 260 Med Assist Lab Procedures I

Credits: 2

Term: (F)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201, AHMA 250, and AHMS 220

Corequisite: AHMA 203 and AHMA 262

Meets first 8 weeks of the semester This course introduces the student to the purpose of a clinical lab, introduction to microscopes, standard precautions, biohazard material safety, and quality control. In addition, basic laboratory function, routine CLIA Waived Urinalysis and Hematology tests along with blood collection are covered.

AHMA 262 Med Assist Lab Procedures II

Credits: 2

Term: (F)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201, AHMA 250 and AHMS 220

Corequisite: AHMA 203 and AHMA 260

Meets second 8 weeks of the semester This course is a continuation of Laboratory Procedures I. This course introduces the students to chemistry, immunology, microbiology, and toxicology.

AHMA 280 Medical Assisting Exam Prep

Credits: 2

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201, AHMA 203, AHMA 260, AHMA 262, and M 121 or any math course in MUS core

Corequisite: AHMA 298

This course is designed for students completing the Medical Assistant Program. Current topics in Medical Assisting will be discussed and students will work on preparing for the AMT (American Medical Technologists) registration exam and/or AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) certification examination.

AHMA 298 Medical Assisting Externship

Credits: 4

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: AHMA 201, AHMA 203, AHMA 260, and AHMA 262

Corequisite: AHMA 280

Students gain practical experience in clinical medical environments where they have an opportunity to perform various clinical and administrative procedures under supervision. Students are expected to use competencies required for the medical assistant. (200 hours plus online homework.) (This course must be taken in the last term of enrollment in the program.).