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Literature (LIT)

LIT 110 Introduction to Literature

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S, Su based on sufficient demand)

Core Class: Humanities

This course provides the student an opportunity to study the three major literary forms – fiction, poetry, and drama – including examples of works from contemporary and classic authors. Selections will include works by and about historically underrepresented populations.

LIT 270 Film and Literature

Credits: 3

Term: Not Currently Offered

Prerequisite: qualifying placement score within the past 5 years or co-enrollment in WRIT 101.

Core Class: Humanities

Focuses on modern and contemporary novels, plays, short stories, and other texts, which have been adapted to film. Emphasizes written and visual literacy.

LIT 285 Mythologies

Credits: 3

Term: (S, based on sufficient demand)

Core Class: Humanities OR Cultural Diversity

This course examines the purpose and applications of mythology in both historical and contemporary culture and how myths can transform through different periods, across cultures, including those of Indigenous peoples.