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Accounting (ACTG)

ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S)

Prerequisite: M 065 or higher or qualifying placement score within the past 5 years

This course covers the complete accounting cycle including analyzing and journalizing transactions, posting to ledgers, preparing worksheets, creating basic financial statements, end-of-period closing activities, and payroll for both service and merchandising businesses.

ACTG 102 Accounting Procedures II

Credits: 3

Term: (S, Su)

Prerequisite: ACTG 101

This course is a continuation of Accounting Procedures I. Topics covered include promissory notes, valuation of receivables, valuation of inventories, plant assets and depreciation, partnership accounting, corporate accounting (capital stock, dividends, and bonds), statement of cash flows, and financial statement analysis.

ACTG 180 Payroll Accounting

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite OR Corequisite: ACTG 101

Students will become knowledgeable in the payroll records required to comply with various federal and state laws affecting payroll. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Montana Wage/Hour laws are studied. Students will develop skills in actual payroll preparation. Activities include computing gross salaries, social security, federal and state income tax deductions, journalizing payroll transactions, posting to ledgers, preparation of federal and state payroll tax returns, and reports.

ACTG 201 Principles of Financial Accounting

Credits: 3

Term: (F)

Prerequisite: ACTG 102

Prerequisite OR Corequisite: M 095, M 105, or qualifying placement score within the past 5 years

This course is an introduction to financial accounting principles. Topics covered include generally accepted accounting principles, transaction analysis, financial statement analysis, internal controls, receivables, inventories, long-term assets, current and long-term liabilities, corporations, and time value of money.

ACTG 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: ACTG 201

This course is an introduction to managerial accounting principles concerned with providing information to managers for use in planning and controlling operations. Topics covered include job and process cost accounting, overhead allocation, cost-volume-profit analysis, master and flexible budgeting, standard costs and variance analysis, and incremental analysis.

ACTG 205 Computerized Accounting

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: CAPP 131, ACTG 101

Students will complete a variety of accounting projects using accounting software.

ACTG 211 Income Tax Fundamentals

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S based on sufficient demand)

Prerequisite: ACTG 102

This course introduces students to the basic income taxation principles and procedures for individuals and sole proprietorships.

ACTG 215 Foundations of Government & Not for Profit Accounting

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: ACTG 102

This course is an introduction to basic concepts of financial reporting and accounting for governmental and nonprofit organizations. Specific topics studied include characteristics of governmental and not-for-profit organizations; transaction analysis using fund accounting; fund financial statements; comprehensive annual financial reports; and transaction and reporting requirements for not-for-profit entities such as private charities, colleges, and hospitals.

ACTG 291 Special Topics: Accounting

Credits: 1-3

Term: (Based on sufficient demand)

Prerequisite: ACTG 101 and Consent of the Instructor

This course provides an opportunity to study current accounting topics. Course content may vary each semester.

ACTG 298 Internship

Credits: 1-6

Term: (F, S, Su, all terms based on sufficient demand)

Prerequisite: ACTG 101 and consent of Department Chair

This course combines an approved work experience related to the Accounting degree program with academic coursework. This experience will develop students' technical and professional skill in the workplace.