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Criminal Justice (CJUS)

CJUS 121 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S based on sufficient demand)

Core Class: Social Sciences

This course offers exposure to the fundamental perspectives and terminology of the criminal justice system in the United States. It includes the study of the interaction of the individual with the criminal justice system. Students will also examine the causes of criminal behavior and the history, influences, and related fields of knowledge that are connected to the criminal justice system. Topics will include responsibilities of agencies, roles of personnel, and the inter-relationships of criminal justice to political agencies and other factors that influence the criminal justice system.

CJUS 125 Fundamentals of Forensic Science

Credits: 2

Term: (S)

In Fundamentals of Forensic Science, students will examine the philosophical, rational and practical framework that supports a case investigation. The unifying principles of forensic science to the pure sciences will be examined, and students will be introduced to the unique ways in which a forensic scientist must think. Topics will include the experimental method and some of the ways in which a forensic analysis can be confounded. The various forensic science occupations will also be explored.