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Geoscience: Geology (GEO)

GEO 101 Introduction to Physical Geology w/Lab

Credits: 4 (3 Lecture, 1 Lab)

Term: (F, S, Su based on sufficient demand)

Core Class: Natural Science

This course is an introduction to geologic principles, with an emphasis upon geologic processes (plate tectonics, mountain building, and weathering); rock types (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic); and geologic hazards (volcanoes and earthquakes). Some time will be spent discussing geologic time; water and mineral resources; landforms; and glaciers. The laboratory portion of this course will include mineral and rock identification; topographic map reading; basic interpretation of geologic maps; and other activities dealing with topics covered in lecture. In order to have the greatest success in this course, it is highly recommended that students possess strong algebra skills.