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Education (EDU)

EDU 094 PCE Non-Credit EDU Course

CEUs: 0-40

Term: (Based on sufficient demand)

Non-credit professional and continuing education (PCE) courses offered to provide condensed coursework to meet the needs of working students and professionals. These courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and OPI Renewal Units and are transcribed on the student’s continuing education transcript.

EDU 194 PCE Credit-Bearing EDU Course

Credits: 1-6

Term: (Based on sufficient demand)

Credit-bearing professional and continuing education (PCE) courses offered to provide students and professionals condensed courses for skills upgrades, Professional Certification requirements, and as electives for the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees. These courses may be eligible for financial aid for students pursuing the AA or AS degrees and are transcribed on the student’s undergraduate transcript.

EDU 200 Introduction to Education

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S)

This class explores the profession of teaching by connecting theory to real-life experiences in the field. Students will cover the development of students, diversity, learning strategies, motivation, classroom management, assessment of learning, and construction of a professional portfolio through seminar discussions, in school observations, interviews, and personal reflection.

EDU 211 Multicultural Education

Credits: 3

Term: (S based on sufficient demand)

This course helps current and future teachers reflect on their own heritage and how it relates to people of other economic, social culturalsociocultural, ethnic, gender, religious, and sexual orientation groupings. An emphasis is placed on democratic community- building in a multicultural society.

EDU 221 Ed Psych & Measurement

Credits: 3

Term: (F, S based on sufficient demand)

This course explores the physical, psychological, and cognitive development in students of all ages within the contexts of education, family, and society. Emphasis is given to applying brain-based research, stages of learning, and psychological factors influencing the learning process to classroom management and educational evaluation.

EDU 270 Instructional Tech (=370)

Credits: 3

Term: (F based on sufficient demand, S)

Prospective teachers are introduced to the uses of technology to enhance the education experience. Students will learn to use media software common in educational settings for a variety of instruction purposes.