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Health Information Technology (HIT)

HIT 230 Overview of Health Information Systems

Credits: 4

Term: (Su)

Prerequisite: AHMS 144 and CAPP 131

This course will cover the principles of analysis, design, evaluation, selection, acquisition, and utilization of information systems in healthcare. Also included in this course are the technical specifications of computer hardware, software, networks, and telecommunications. Furthermore, this course will provide an understanding of technology’s role in healthcare. The course will emphasize the intellectual use of information strategic planning, decision support, program management, high quality patient care, and continuous quality improvement. Application will be provided using extensive discussion and assignments designed to approximate real life situations.

HIT 265 Electronic Health Record in Medical Practice

Credits: 3

Term: (S)

Prerequisite: CAPP 131

Prerequisite OR Corequisite: AHMS 108

Students will learn the personnel functions and associated workflows required in an ambulatory care physician clinic and how to prepare for, implement and use an electronic health record (EHR) to achieve a paperless office environment and improved quality of care. Office function, associated workflow and EHR use will include all office personnel roles from receptionist through nurse and physician. EHR use will include both in-office functions and its role in Health Information Exchange (HIE) with other health care providers and organizations including laboratories, pharmacies, consulting physicians and payers.